Storage EMC CLARiiON interview questions

1) What are the differences between CLARiiON CX-3 series and CX-4 Series?
2) Explain the Hardware architecture of CLARiiON?
3) What is Access Logix?
4) What is Private LUN pool?
5) What is Reserved LUN pool?
6) Steps to de-register a host?
7) What are front end and back end ports? What are they connected to?
8) Different ways to manage CLARiiON.
9) What are Vault Drives and what is its main use?
10) Is CLARiiON active-active or active-passive? Explain why?
11) Disadvantages and advantages of CLARiiON architecture?
12) What are SP,DAE? What are their main uses?
13) Steps involved in creating a lun?
14) Steps involved in presenting a lun to host?
15) Troubleshooting steps involved if a host unable to find the already presented lun.

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