Java interview questions for 4 year experience candidates

Some of the Java interview questions which I have faced recently.
1) Difference between over riding and over loading in Java?
2) Describe your experience in list,set and map collections used?
3) How you deploy application in Tomcat?
4) Interview Puzzle:- Out of eight balls One ball weighs more, Identify the ball which weigh more in two steps.
5) Where do you place the common JAR files, when you deploy two applications in Tomcat?
6) What is difference between Error and Exception?
7) What data structures are used in Array List and Hash Map?
8 ) What is synchronized? In which scenarios it will be used?
9) What is Serialization? What are the advantages of Serialization?
10) On what basis default serialization work in java?
11) Advantages of generics in java?
12) Life cycle of Struts?
13) Difference between Struts and Spring MVC?
14) How do you configure Hibernate?
15) How do you debug application in eclipse?

I will keep updating this post when I recall more interview questions.

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